Thursday, August 20, 2009

need spell chek12:16 AM 8/20/2009
here i sit on greyhound wondering how i forgot just how i swore off this particular trip from nyc to detroit. guess i get a buzz from nyc and think i'm super escort or something and commit to run to detroit. the bus trip has been remarkable for the sake of semblance of order lets begin at the beginning of this august 2009 road trip.
okay so sometimes you dont ask for it but ya get it anyway. My fran had paid for my air in exchange for a session in advance late july. unfortunatly that dreaded old super period ruined that date. friend/fan kindly understood and re paid for another. must mention i treasure folks like this. anyway trip re set. sat 650 am. come friday i run into the doc to have a sliver of glass i got stuck in my knee removed., no biggie. tetnus shot left a nasty bruise is worst of it. come saturday Bds n me drive up the night before and settle into economy motel all set with wake up call. so's when i get up to nwa/delta they tell me my plane was gone at 6a. yep the buxom blocky young black woman proclaims "any plan goin in dat direction 'salways gone by 6, you done missed that and no way you gettin out of here today" end result i pay 50 for a reissue and low and behold the depart time on that printed ticket is 6a. sheesh, so we slink back home and i repack. undaunted by having to leave at 2am to drive, wasnt going to blow more funds on a motel, off we go. as Bds drives i chat and text happy and excited about the trip. and all of a sudden there is a big thump. the honda element sort of sighs, steve is devastated, cars disabled and i'm not exactly up to speed of whats doin. i do not realize that we hit a deer and the car wont operate, uh until i do. so we get out and strong stink of radiator hits me. "Shit is it going to explode?" i ask. 1232wsamn ,Well Bds is beyond pissed and time for me to be quiet. We carry liability and aaa is it. steve says something about suing the deer, a joke. okay the PO was kind. The tow truck driver even got his boss out of bed to put us in a loaner from the dealership. The ride was really physically tough on me as my sciatica was acting up and i had no way to get out of pain. Yep that wil keep a girl awake alright. So back home we go. Manage to get a replacement ride. Rebook the ticket after 3 hrs on the cell w the airline. thought my cell was going to burst into flames it got so hot. Alrighty then the trip finally begins sunday.
7a departure time went off without a hitch. did have to change planes twice but made the connections. puppy to be delivered did well with sedation. when i get there here's my fran who went above and beyond the call of duty by meeting me at the gate. I see him from afar but dont recognize him from looks like another 20 lb weight loss. go fran! he takes me to meet my dog in law, mission accomplished and we are free to head back to his digs and relax. way beautiful in that area of PA. great hospitality and rest. i slept for 12 hrs, 9p - 9a. caught the cleanest greyhound i ever been on with seat belts and a skilled driver who threaded us right through that scarry old lincoln tunnel. This time i'm booked in Korea town instead of my usual mid town. Looks improved from my last stay. Saw my regulars and had a light schedule. I was seduced by all the sparkel and had to shop. Bought the most beautiful natural turkey feather boa. Poor little shop girl had to contort and squeeze way back to get that particular one, the only one in the store. Note to shop girls do not wear dingy oversized panties with too tight pants. I think everyone behind her was dying give them draws a pull. i digress.,., So the last night i see a dear fran and we like to have a couple cocktails before he heads home. really fun catching up w jon and he inspired me to blog more when i realized he did indeed read my last ones and jon generally does not much care to read. maybe he burned out on reading from having to do so much in school. after he goes i settle in to bed with my heating pad and here comes the ice cream craving. well hell why not give in and get it behind me. so off i go down the stinky street to the convenience store. Now at 1a in that area the street is crammed w drunks hookers and slimmy fish trash in those huge plastic garbage bags. I'm striding along in my water socks and cut offs and take a long side step over a grate, am lothe to step on the street grates and wham my foot slips on the slime and i come crashing down on my side. elboe took the worse of it. i go to get up with onlookers agape at why/how did that happen. and i am reluctantly brushing the slime off me and get more excited about it when i see maggots. so i grab a few napkins and persevere to the ice cream. get home take a long shower and climb into bed and really enjoy that ice cream.
next day i need to catch the bus at 3p. travelers board and alls well until Newark. A few of the new riders are pretty staggery. yep some defenitly have a load on and are not carrying it well. one house ape hollars "GUN" n roars up to the driver insisting this woman is going to shoot him. Mr bulligerent will not sit down and shut up for the driver. woman says he's lying. Great, back to the newark terminal, wait for the PD to show up and sort this out. That was our floor show and off we go. So far so good. Thanks to the good folks who make pharmacuticals i am reasonably comfortable and a bloggin away. Change buses at Cleveland and soon 2 b i Detroit. Oh yea, my cell only works when plugged into the wall so that was an enabler for blogging as well. Moore soon as i have it. Peace, out
well wouldnt ya know it here in cleveland the connecting bus is full so the deal is just wait for the next one. what if that one's full? Greyhound can sell seats but when they are full they keep selling them. supervisor says its in the fine print. i dont see it. just another glaring example of the deterioration of society when a democracy becomes a plutocracy. Come ON Obama cowboy up will ya! All us poor folks busted butt for you to be elected. I'd have had John Edwards, unfortunate turn there. back soon, uh, i hope

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

midtown buzz kill

Humph, sex in the city. not for the likes of me. its discrimination i tell ya. and come to think of it i have never seen a black person in that dive. in a nut shell here's what happened.

tonight earler in the evening about 830 i went to rosies to get a cocktail and a bite to eat. was having a nice enough time and chatting w some other guys at the bar. until it got weird. these 2 guys, the older one more so kept goading me to show my private areas. i declined. i showed them my marriage tat on my back, that was a great dissapointment. i showed them my dog and they kept saying they wanted to see my squirrel..sheesh. so i talked them into playing the lying game and then the weirdness amplified. would you believe they were both wearing the same tie, exactly the same? the younger guy booked,, i encouraged to take pop with. he didnt. then pop told me dont worry baby you're "off the hook" oh i missed a part. whilst i was talking w them the bar keep would not serve me. so i tried to get him to cash me out and he still ignored. pop kept calling him and he ignored. i went downstairs to pee and when i came back pop was gone and bar keep had moved my change to another location in the bar. i asked him were the LE and he said yes. only the paronid survive. i have clients that are LE but they are not sneaks, liars or mysoginistic, sp fat heads. ya reap whatcha sew in this life.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

two steps forward

wanted to shoot video today but after trapsing all over the property, wrestling my clothes back from the dog and avoiding the neighbors i was done. gotta get on the road to heal up all the scrapes and bruises from the farm. wont be long now and off i go! Posted by Picasa

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Chessie and Jennie Threesome Part 1 05/27/09

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fictional based on real life "Back of the Bus"

Back of the Bus
I boarded the bus in Casper about noon. Mom & Dad waving to me as the greyhound pulled from the depot. I'd just turned 17 and this was my first trip on my own. My Grandmother lived in Atlanta and I had almost 3 days of ride ahead of me. Of course I'd been warned. "Don't talk to strangers" "Don't leave the depots during lay overs" that sort of thing.Mom & Dad meant well but sometimes I wondered if they thought I was retarded. I read my book, napped, and windowed watched, after about 6 hours I was bored to tears.

First real stop was Kansas City about dusk. I had to change buses and only had about 30 minutes. I bought some candy, used the rest room, then boarded the new bus. There was only a few other riders so I moved to the back. By the time we left it was getting dark so I slipped off my shoes and reclined my seat. My bra was cutting me and since there was nobody else any where around I lifted up my shirt, unhooked it and pulled it off from the front. I was feeling a bit drowsy and without thinking I started to rub and pull on my nipples. As they went up I began to feel my pussy getting wet. The bus was now dark except for a few scattered reading lights on towards the front. I decided to rub myself off so I dropped my jeans down then slipped them off.Feeling extra kinky I slipped my panties off for good measure. I put my coat in the empty seat beside me in case somebody came back to use the bathroom.
Sitting there almost nude knowing people were no more then 10 feet away had me super excited. I began to finger myself with one hand while playing with my tits with the other. The motion of the moving bus added to the excitement and I felt a huge orgasm building. I closed my eye's and felt myself start to cum. It was a big one and I was just cumming down when I heard somebody walking up the isle towards me. Quickly I grabbed my coat and covered myself then half closed my eyes and fained sleep. Some old guy walked past me without even looking up and went inside the bathroom. As soon as the door closed I pulled my coat back off and finished myself. 

As the last ebb of my orgasm faded I again grabbed my coat as the old man walked beside me back to his seat. Back by myself again I lewdly spread my legs and started to finger my very wet pussy. Just about the time I thought I could cum again I had a very odd feeling. I looked towards the front of the bus........then to the side......and sitting 2 rows to my left was a very large and very very black man! As our eyes met I realized he'd seen the whole show. As my blood went cold I grabbed my coat and covered myself. Had he been there the whole time? I started trying to find my jeans and he got up and walked my way. I was on the verge of panic as he reached my isle then walked on and into the bathroom. My heart was racing as I found my jeans but just then the guy came back out and plopped down in the seat across the isle from me. He didn't say a word but his eye's were staring right through me. He was very tall about 35 and as I said extra black. It was no wonder I'd missed him when I got on the bus as he was so dark I could barely make out his features sitting beside me. His hands looked huge, almost to big for his body. Sitting there almost naked I found myself almost scared to death but my pussy was getting wetter by the second. I was scared and confused and horny all at the same time, I just froze. Without breaking eye contact he started to rub the front of his pants and that's when I noticed a giant bulge. My pulse started to race as he slowly started working the zipper of his fly down. The fear was still there but my pussy started to tingle. He put his large hand inside his pants then stopped. I pulled my coat back off of myself and he nodded. Slowly he undid his belt and I held my breath.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

keeping current

After suffering a way too long relationship with company who wouldn't update or pay me it is so refreshing to see Hard ten entertainment doing the job! Sort of stimulates all sorts of ideas for shooting content knowing that it will be put to good use. I don't know why i waited so long to get with this change. Stay tuned, Moore to Cum!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Introduction from Webmistress

This is Chessie Moore's webmistress of I let Chessie know of what a huge success my blog has been and how much my loyal fans have enjoyed the writings in my blog. Chessie allowed me to set her up a blog so she could begin one of her own. She said she could manage one or two blogs a week! I think it's a great plan and a great start. Who knows, she may even become addicted! I've only met Chessie once in person, but I've talked to her several times on the phone and she is such a kind hearted and interesting person. I'm sure you will enjoy he blog, and make sure you spread the word. It may take Chessie a little while to get in the flow but until then I've added some of her links at the top and here are a few new pics I shot of Chessie the first time I met her.